Unmarked Graves by Crystal Alford

NOW AVAILABLE!!!!! Debut novella! ~ Unmarked Graves by Crystal Alford

This is an unbelievably moving tale of a young woman’s struggle with loss and discovery.  It is visual and touching.  No matter what your personal beliefs may be, and despite the religious elements contained within, I think that each of us would be a better person having read it.

Having dealt with losses of my own, this well written story brought tears to my eyes.  As I read, I faced a struggle of my own – wanting to stop reading due to the pain, but feeling compelled to continue and not leave this story unheard.

Unmarked Graves is insightful and beautiful.  It is also one of the few stories I’ve read that has touched my heart so deeply in such a long time.

Watch for this new author! Coming soon to Amazon and Smashwords!!

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