The Rise of Bob McDoogal by Juan Gutierrez

(note: this book contains scenes that may not be suitable for children) 4 stars for mature audiences.

The Rise of Bob McDoogal is definitely a unique story, at least in my experience. As I write this, I still struggle to decide how I would rate it. It is well written, the characters have strong personalities, and it pulls you along making you always wonder what will happen next. That said, it is a bit more graphic than I usually read. I don't want to put that as a negative, but for me it was the strongest detraction from the book.

I found myself instantly drawn to Bob from the beginning. As an unexpected hero, I wonder if I like him better before or after his journey starts. While he swears a lot, and tends to have a one track mind, but this is comically typical of a teenage boy. Given his personal history, his aggression, pain, and difficulties of life, his reactions seem genuine and realistic.

While Bob is a typical teenage boy, Lusha is more atypical. You may disagree at the beginning, but trust me on this one.

The journey that these two young people experience throughout the book, is full of twists and turns. The concepts seem well formed in the mind of Juan Gutierrez. If the graphic nature and dark humor of this story aren't too much for you, I feel you will be completely drawn in. Once you are hooked, hold on... it's going to be a wild ride.

In the synopsis it says that you will be thinking, 'damn, did he really just say that?', but I think I am in too much shock to think that. Once you know the characters what they say doesn't necessarily surprise you... It did leave me stunned.

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