Thunderstorm by JM Schroder

(note: this book contains scenes that may not be suitable for children) 4 stars for mature audiences.

Thunderstorm is a fresh, imaginative, and convincing look at some of the oldest stories in human history.  The way JM Schroder connects biblical characters with deities of other ancient cultures is presented in a way that makes you stop and wonder.  The passion of her characters is undeniable and captivating both physically and spiritually.  It leaves you feeling the strength and possibilities of love and courage, and begging for more!
Dika and Chrome are indeed a match made in heaven and see the beauty that may not be visible to everyone, but can't be hidden from each other.  The opening line definitely hooked me!  I can't wait to read what happens next.  I'm glad that there are more books of the Daughters on the way.

JM Schroder draws you into the minds of Dika Edens, the oldest of four daughters, and her dragon guardian, Chrome Jai.  By alternating points of view from chapter to chapter, we are taken on a journey of love and enlightenment that can only be gifts from the Gods.  Dika knows she and her sisters are special, but she has no idea how special and vital they are to humanity... to all of existence.  While Chrome knows more than Dika, he has limitations placed on him by Ba'al and the other gods.  Learning how their powers are controlled and how well they work together, Dika and her sisters are violently thrust into the reality that secretly surrounds us all.  With one thing after another trying to stop them, the question that you must struggle with is: Will they have the strength they need in time?  Thunderstorm provides some amazing answers, but leaves you begging the gods for more Daughters of Eden!

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