Why Snow Flower Enterprises??

When I started writing, seriously writing that is, I searched all over the place to find someplace that could give me feedback... constructive criticism.  Even if I didn't agree with all of the opinions, it would at least give me a fresh set of eyes to look at my work with.  On my road to self-publishing, I also struggled with lack of a start-up budget... or limited anyway.  I needed to find a way that I could get my work out there and still pay the bills.  I think that the vast majority of Indie writers (Independent writers) struggle with the same challenges I did.

The skills I learned along the way, and continue to learn daily, have been extremely valuable.  As an Indie writer, you are responsible for the entire process yourself.  Well, I want to share my knowledge, skill, training, and connections with other Indie writers.  Whether new writers or experienced, everyone has room to grow.

Let Snow Flower Publishing, Editing & Reviews (a division of Snow Flower Enterprises) help you along your journey too.  You don't have to be alone in the literary world.

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