OF GAEA by Victoria Escobar

Of Gaea by Victoria Escobar  (definitely 5 stars!)

Victoria Escobar has a captivating style of writing. Her characters are well developed and easy to follow and relate to. The small details of Ari's struggles with her wheelchair are vivid and clearly shows the extent of forethought Ms. Escobar used in developing this story. Ari is a strong person that doesn't let her disability get in her way. She has a marvelously diverse collection of people around her, both supportive and negative. Ari's character could inspire her readers and Sasha could steal your heart!

Throughout the entire story, each twist and turn propelled me onward. Ms. Escobar had me from the beginning and it pained me each time I had to stop reading. The action and involvement never lags and even the few type-O’s fade away. Trust me, I find errors in everything I read, but I didn't even care about them when reading Of Gaea!

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